Tauhara Primary School

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Positive Behaviour 4 Learning 

At Tauhara Primary School, our aim, through  the Aroha programme, is to create and keep a safe and effective environment that will make the most of the academic, social and behavioural strengths of the community of learners, through clear and consistent expectations.

 We have chosen AROHA for the  programme name as all our school expectations relate to this acronym.


 Reach for the Highest Peak

 Acknowledges the mana of others as having equal or greater importance than your own, through the expression of aroha, hospitality, generosity and mutual respect.


 Apply self-determination / self management skills to demonstrate your own inspiration,

own autonomy and own leadership


 Pursue excellence


Ngakau - heartfelt emotions, feelings, affections

Hihiko - to be lively, active, cheerful, positive, positive attitude, to act out these positive emotions.


In 2012 we became part of the Ministry initiative to take on board PB4L.

 A team was formed and coaches and leaders took up their roles.


Anne Cameron (DP)

Lynne Hornsey

Tracy Fraser (Principal)
  Karen Young
  Angel Kelly


 We are at tier 2 in the programme, the second year of a 5 year programme.


Take a look and see what we do at tauhara

Senior School Video

Middle School Video

Junior School Video